Destination:  Spring Break

Mike Dietrich             , Contributing Writer

Spring break: for many, it is a vacation, a trip, maybe a getaway. Whether you are staying home or going out, it is a week you mark on your calendar. Spring break is an early taste of what summer has to offer. Summer can seem so close yet so far away, and many want get a break from the months of winter they’ve experienced. While our spring break this year is a recent memory, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your next spring break.

Many popular destinations for students on the East Coast are Florida, New York City, Boston, the Carolinas, and even Cancun, Mexico. It’s common that many seek either the warm tropical beach weather or the city experience to spend their week.  When thinking of next year, consider how some Morris Hills students spend their break this year.

Many want to get away from New Jersey’s chilly weather to a warm or tropical climate, but the Katz family had a different approach, taking a kind of winter break in the spring.  Junior Jake Katz spent his week off in Lake Placid, New York. Lake Placid holds the biggest mountain on the East Coast, which is great for skiing. It is also where the 1980 Winter Olympics were held, so it has been a known commodity in the U.S. for years. Jake went on a skiing trip with his father; it’s a hobby they both enjoy. “I’m just looking forward to getting away from New Jersey while getting some father-son bonding time,” Jake said.  He seemed anxious when he described his trip and gave off the vibe that he couldn’t wait to leave.

Senior Sara McDermott took a completely different turn to her plans. She stayed home for spring break, even though she deeply wanted to get away. “I’m going to make the most of my week off and enjoy it with my friends,” McDermott said. Spring break is all about fun, and that was her goal.  People are just so glad to have a break from school that it doesn’t even matter if they go away. Sara showed good spirit in looking to take advantage of the new year’s first instance of warm weather. If budget is an issue, a “stay-cation” over spring break can be a great option.

Senior Shawn Kraemer’s spring break destination is a popular one: Florida. Shawn started his week visiting his grandmother in St. Augustine and finished it off at the Universal Studios Park in Orlando. When asked how he felt about the trip as a whole he stated, “I’m really excited about going to Universal and enjoying what Florida has to offer, but I’m mostly looking forward to seeing my grandmother, who I see occasionally.” Combining visiting family with fun is a great way to plan a spring break.

This year, Morris Hills students got to enjoy an early taste of summer by making the most of their plans no matter where the destination. Keep that in mind as the calendar nears spring time next year.