Hidden In Plain Sight!

Shalaka Madge and Alexa Wyszkowski

Don’t go through your four years at Morris Hills without knowing where these places are!

Basement Stairs:  With access only from the staircase by room 106, the basement stairs are sure to frighten any light-hearted Scarlet Knight. The basement has been around for quite some time and was used much more often in its heyday when it was the home to a shooting range. With its scary darkness and gardening supplies, the basement is only for the strong-willed students (and those who keep their supplies down there).

MH Fountain: The fountain, outside the science wing, was constructed during the 2012-2013 school year. It was meant to replace an old fountain that was demolished during the science wing’s construction. The new fountain was an initiative of the SGA under president Nimit Jindal (Class of 2013). It was designed by Rebecca Fang (Class of 2015) and built under the guidance of Mr. Magnifico. Though waterless, it is still an interesting piece of architecture because it was built by the students, for the students.

Elevator: The elevator is reserved for special instances, so most Morris Hills students do not get the chance to ride this wondrous contraption. The elevator is located on the far end of Morris Hills, by room 129. However, do not ride the elevator if you don’t need it. Stairs provide quite a nice exercise.

Career Center: This room might be known more to students as “that room you can see from the science wing hallway.” However, its formal name is the Career Center. Used for a variety of events, the Career Center can be accessed through the Guidance Office.

Social Worker Offices: Though all Morris Hills students turn right after walking through the Guidance Office to get to their counselors, few know what is to the left. Well, that’s what the Hilltopper is here for! The Social Worker offices are to the left, where Morris Hills’ very own social workers stay to help any students with everyday issues, depression, bullying, and anything else the students need. Their door is always open.

Display Case: Have you ever walked by the display case in the gym/band hallway and wondered how the items found their way there? Well, fear no more. The door to the right of the girls’ bathroom in the lobby leads to the Display Case.

Lighting Booth: Where do those spotlights come from when you watch MH Productions in the auditorium? They come from the lighting booth! The stairs are located inside the same door that leads to the Display Case.

As Roald Dahl rightly says, “Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” Who knows? As you explore, maybe you’ll find another hidden gem in Morris Hills!