Teachers Give Lessons Outside of Class

Yesari R. Mojica, Contributing Writer

The pressure is on for high school students today to attend college,  however many of them worry when they imagine going to a university.  Some teachers at Morris Hills graduated from college not too long ago, and have shared their insights about what to expect there.

One of the most intimidating parts about deciding on the university you want to attend is figuring out how to paying for it.  Tuition and fees  can get extremely pricey. Many students families have been saving for college from the time they were born, but many still have to take out student loans.  English  teacher, Ms. Christina Vittorio, who graduated from Muhlenberg last year said, “Take advantage of every second you have in college. Study hard because you pay for every seat you sit in; work should always come first.”   Appreciating the expense of a college education can make students take it more seriously.

Living at college is also intimidating.  It’s next step in growing up and  being able to live without the help of  parents.  Students who choose to universities have to learn how to deal with sharing a room with a complete stranger.  Although this part of going away to college may can be scary, it can also end up helping you to meet your new best friend.   Family and consumer science teacher, Ms. Gema Cuffari admitted that “It’s difficult living with other people because people need their own space.”  She said that going home occasionally can provide a break. Ms. Vittorio said that she went home frequently during her first semester because she missed her family.  This didn’t last.    She said, that “accepting change led to making some of my best friends.  By the second semester I loved being there and I rarely wanted to go home at all.”  Leaving for college is a big step for young adults.  Listening to advice from young adults who are just a bit older may help to pave the way for a smooth transition.