They’re Creepy, Kooky, and Fantastic!

Shalaka Madge, Online Editor

When I first heard that the spring musical was going to be “The Addams Family,” my initial reaction was: “That show about the goth family?” However, after watching the musical, I knew that it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

The musical was full of hilarious jokes and catchy songs like “When You’re an Addams” and “Crazier Than You.” The peculiar characters were portrayed beautifully and the cast members took each part very seriously. Memorable characters like Grandmama Addams, Gomez Addams and Alice Beineke made the show even greater. From the opening scene to the wonderfully choreographed tango, it was easy to tell that the cast put an immense amount of work into the play.

The crew and the pit band also did a fantastic job. Intricate backdrops, unique costumes, and live music took the audience to another world.

“The Addams Family” is certainly a difficult musical to perform, but it was performed effortlessly. This musical is proof of the phrase “practice makes perfect.”

The only bad thing I have to say about the play is that watching such talented students made me feel bad about myself!