ICC’s Diwali Dinner Is Worth Attending!


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Photo Taken In Benares, India

Shriya Surti, Shri Saranya, Contributing Writers

The Indian Cultural Club (ICC) is hosting its annual Diwali Dinner on Nov. 4, 2022. This event has been a tradition since the year the club was founded, back in 2018. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a Hindu festival that celebrates the harvest. Clay lamps, also known as diyas, are lit to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. This festival is celebrated in many ways around the world, by an abundance of people, and the ICC wants to celebrate it with a night full of fun and games.

The dinner will consist of delectable food, amusing trivia, and the opportunity to meet new people. The purpose of this dinner is to celebrate Indian culture and share the magic with everyone. You will be able to meet new individuals and interact with them while acknowledging the cultures of people around us. This dinner is open to everyone, and thus helps you discover several new traditions and customs. This celebration will help bring people together, in a night full of food and fun!


The ICC board is working hard to make sure that this will be a night to remember. There will be Indian trivia to participate in, and music playing to dance the night away.  Of course, to MH Indians, your favorite Bollywood music will be played all night, too! Most importantly, the food there will be like heaven in your mouth. The fragrant aromas of the food combined with the swirl of colors from the decorations will be the perfect atmosphere to celebrate Indian culture. The secretary of the club, Ria Sharma, described most of the events they wanted to include, such as Indian trivia, Bollywood music, and festive decor. 


This dinner is not an easy event to plan. Rather than ordering a bunch of food and inviting people to come eat it, this event requires much more for its success. Tanvi Mavani, the ICC’s president, stated that the planning is very stressful. Like most of the past years, the board had to figure out how to get enough food for everyone. However, this year, the board came together and ultimately decided to get a vendor from an Indian restaurant to provide the food. In past years, family members helped transport the food to the event; therefore the transportation of the food will be easier and much more convenient. The Vice President, Swara Agarwal, added that it was quite difficult to get publicity for the event, too. The board added the option of buying a presale ticket, which motivated people to come. This presale ticket took off five dollars of the cost of the ticket at the actual party, which drew a lot of people in.  


This Diwali Dinner is definitely worth attending. The board is working extremely hard to ensure a successful event, and it would mean the world to them if a lot of people attended. Please take some time out of your day to attend this beautiful Diwali Dinner, filled with great food and music! We promise that it will be worth it!