The Hilltopper

2016-2017 Staff

Audra O’Toole

My name is Audra O’Toole and I am the Hilltoppers Graphic Editor for 2018- 2019. I work with Mr. Consales on design, layout, images, and titles for the newspaper and I’m excited to be a member of the staff for my last year a...

Shalaka Madge

Shalaka Madge is a senior in the Academy. She has quite the flair for drama. She also loves to sing, play the guitar, and write. One of her favorite activities is cracking cheesy one-liners and making her friends laugh. She also...

Shefali Kumar

Shefali is a senior in the Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering. Apart from writing and editing articles for The Hilltopper, she is also involved in Model Congress and the Student Government. She is looking forward to a...

Mehk Sethi

Mehk is a senior in the Academy. She loves reading and writing.

Shreyas Agnihotri

Shreyas is a senior in the Academy. He loves to write. And read. He does not like fragments. He is very interested in politics and current events, and he is SGA Vice President.

Alexa Wyszkowski

Alexa Wyszkowski is a senior at Morris Hills High School. This is her third year on the Hilltopper staff. She writes articles, takes pictures and designs the newspaper. She is involved in many after school clubs and activiti...

Nicole Lin

Nicole is a junior in the Magnet Program. Her favorite hobbies include swimming, reading, and sketching.

Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson is a senior and is on the newspaper for her second year. She is writing and doing layout for the newspaper. Outside of school and in her free time enjoys drawing and takes martial arts classes. ...

Annie Lin

Annie Lin is a current freshman. She enjoys crocheting, music, and swimming.

Akhila Annadanam

Akhila is a junior in the Magnet program. Her hobbies include dancing and singing. As part of the Hilltopper staff, she hopes to highlight and inform people of some of the pressing and important issues of today.

Katherine Reardon

Katherine Reardon is a Freshman at Morris Hills High School and is in various clubs and activities. She is in Photography, Hilltopper, and Hope clubs. In Hilltopper, she takes photos to be printed on the school website and newsp...

Gaurav Sethi

Gaurav Sethi is a freshman in the Academy. He loves reading mystery novels and watching television shows. He is also part of Mock Trial and the Film Club. Gaurav is very excited for The Hilltopper this year....

Merwan Yeditha

Merwan Yeditha is an Academy freshman who enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching television. His favorite shows are “The Office”, “The Flash”, and “Futurama”. He also is a part of JSA and the Math Club. ...

Indu Vaddiparti

Indu Vaddiparti is 16 years old. She is a junior in the Magnet Program for Math and  Science. She loves math and sports. She plays basketball, and sings Indian classical vocal music. Indu likes to read and listen to music...

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