The Hilltopper

2018-2019 Staff

Argie Dabrowski

Argie Dabrowski is a senior in the Academy. She has been writing for the the Hilltopper for four years and is now an editor. She is very interested in art history, psychology, and film.

Audra O’Toole

My name is Audra O’Toole and I am the Hilltoppers Graphic Editor for 2018- 2019. I work with Mr. Consales on design, layout, images, and titles for the newspaper and I’m excited to be a member of the staff for my last year a...

Tej Shah

Tej is currently a junior in the Magnet program at Morris Hills. He likes swimming and playing tennis for the school team. Outside of school, he enjoys pursuing graphic design and entrepreneurial ventures....

Jerry Hao

Jerry Hao is a senior in the Academy for Math, Science and Engineering. His hobbies include: fencing, piano, and League of Legends, and he’s not good at any of them.

Stacey Tang

Stacey Tang is a junior in the Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering. This is her second year on the Hilltopper staff. She enjoys playing field hockey, playing violin, and watching anime. In addition to the Hilltopper, she...

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