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Melinda Reed, Contributing Writer | January 7, 2020

Senior Prophecies   Of all of the old Hills traditions from the 60s, senior prophecies may be the most amusing to look back on in 2019. The practice was simple: every year in its June edition, the Hilltopper would interview seniors about their predictions for Morris Hills, the world, and each other.  With most of the events and memories from 1969, one learns of what the era was like...

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Miranda Kawiecki, Contributing Writer | January 7, 2020

 In the back of Rockaway’s First Presbysterian Church, volunteers prepare and bag food items for the Thanksgiving season. The building’s auditorium stage houses boxes of canned vegetables, soups, stuffing, gravy, instant potatoes, etc. The space can barely contain the love and donations community members share for the annual Thanksgiving collection. Director Linda Kirby stated that the pantry...

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Kithmy Wickramasinghe, Editor-in-Chief
December 17, 2019

On Tuesday, November 26th, twelve Morris Hills senior boys competed to earn the coveted title of Mr. Morris Hills in this year’s childhood TV show- themed pageant. The candidates were selected by class vote: Skyler Bowerbank, Nick Carlotti, Khoa Tran, Patrick Hernandez, Eden Perez, Nate Bachelder, Zach Orr, Luke Malatesta, Lucas Novack, Carlos Delgado, and Trevone Green. With help from their two selected managers, each candidate sold baked goods to raise money to donate to Toys for Tots. The boys...

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Merwan Yeditha, Assistant Editor
November 19, 2019

Those new TREX recycling bins that you may have seen around the school are a part of a Morris Hills initiative to increase recycling across the school. TREX, a deck and outdoor furniture company, launched a plastic film recycling challenge for schools. This challenge, which begins on November 15th, pitts schools against each other in a competition to recycle plastic bags. TREX provides special recycling bins, and has schools weigh the contents of the recycling bins. The school with the most recycled...

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Kunal Kumar, Sports Editor
November 14, 2019

The Lady Knights field hockey team took a significant step forward in their success this past season. Last year’s team won their first game in three years and hoped to build on that success and earn more victories this season. Led by senior captains Hannah Miller, Samantha Rivera, Jessica Tang, and Stacey Tang, the team amassed a 4-15 record, its best season in years. Miller is a returning captain, and has witnessed firsthand the growth of the program. Each captain has experience under her belt,...

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Miranda Kawiecki, Contributing Writer
November 10, 2019

 A variety of characters surged the MH hallways on October 31st to the booming voice of the Marching Band. Teachers and peers watched as the spirited crowd paraded their costumes throughout the building. Not only students, but teachers also took part in the festivity. Science teachers could be found in “lab rat” costumes, placing a fun twist on the idiom. From Pennywise to characters from "Back to the Future," the participants epitomized the fun and eccentric nature of Halloween. Ninth-grader...

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Melinda Reed '21, Contributing Writer
November 1, 2019

On October 19th, while the Hills students of 2019 prepared for Homecoming, the Hills graduates of 1969 were celebrating their 50th high school reunion.  Saturday’s event was preceded by a more informal get together that Friday, where the Class of ‘69 met in Rockaway to chat and reminisce. The event had no official program; instead, people walked around the room, searching for familiar faces and saying hello to old friends. When two individuals did recognize each other, the response was...

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Adithya Vinod, Contributing Writer
October 23, 2019

With the new school year comes the arrival of several exciting additions to the Morris Hills community. Some of the most important of these additions are the new Morris Hills faculty members! These four new members of the Morris Hills community were interviewed so that we could all get to know them a little better.    Question 1: How long have you been teaching?  Ms. Nicole Occhipinti - This is now my 3rd year teaching.  Mrs. Stacey Feiss - I initially taught for 5 years, and...

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