The Hilltopper

2020-2021 Staff

Ms. Yaeger


Melinda Reed


Melinda Reed is a senior at Morris Hills High School. Along with working on the Hilltopper, she plays lacrosse and reads.

Ananya Vasireddy

Assistant Editor

Hello! My name is Ananya Vasireddy, and I am thrilled to be The Hilltopper’s Assistant Editor for this school year! I love writing about social issues and school events, and I’m really excited to see what new heights our pap...

Kunal Kumar

Layout Editor-in-Chief

Hi, my name is Kunal Kumar and I’m this year’s layout editor-in-chief! As a writer for Hilltopper since my freshman year, I have enjoyed writing about numerous topics and seeing the school from a different perspective. During...

Kasuni Wickramasinghe

Sports Editor

Kasuni is a junior at Morris Hills, and has been a member of the Hilltopper for the past two years. She is the current Sports Director. 

Olivia Lin

Cartoonist and Staff Writer

Olivia Lin is a junior at the Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering and this is her third year drawing cartoons for the Hilltopper. She is on the girls swim team and runs distance for the spring track team. In her free time, s...

Joseph Laux

Staff Writer

Joe is currently a sophomore here at Hills. Joe loves the outdoors, biking, hiking, kayaking, the whole sort. Joe plays lacrosse for Morris Hills.

Sebastian Perez Brid

Staff Writer

A global pandemic? Hybrid learning? Presidential candidates smack talking on nations TV? That’s 2020 for you...Hi, my name is Sebastian Perez Brid and I’m a ninth-grade student. With how wild this year has been going and wi...

Santiago Restrepo

Guest Writer

Miranda Kawiecki

Staff Writer, Distribution Director

Miranda Kawiecki is a sophomore at Morris Hills. When she is not doing schoolwork, she enjoys writing stories, listening to music, and over-analyzing bad movies. Apart from the Hilltopper, she is a member of Leo Club, Jazz Band...

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