Looking for Your Next Binge-watch?

Networks Step Up Fall Programming

Gaurav Sethi, Contributing Writer

Show: “All American”

Network: CW

Review: Starring Daniel Ezra as the well-known Spencer James, “All American chronicles the life of former New York Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger. Spencer attends  Crenshaw High School, which is located in a poor area, but as Spencer’s popularity grows and his feats on the football field start gaining more attention, local high schools start approaching Spencer to recruit him for their own teams. Spencer ends up transferring to Beverly Hills High School, which is in a much richer area. This show successfully navigates the convoluted terrain that is racial and cultural differences, gangs, drugs, and alcohol. While the show does include mature content and theme, it is necessary to the plot. “All American” may not reach the heights of shows like “The Wire” and “Roots,” but it reflects the current social landscape of this country, making it incredibly relevant to modern audiences.  

Show: “Manifest”

Network: NBC

Review: Similar to “Lost” in premise, “Manifest” revolves around the passengers of a plan that landed five years in the future. It follows the characters, Michaela and Ben Stone, as they attempt to return to their lives after this strange occurrence. While it can be comparable to “Lost” in its quick pace and confusing plot line, this show’s similarities to the hit TV show end there. “Manifest,” in a manner akin to that of “This Is Us,” focuses on the emotions and family life of the characters and is much more optimistic than the aforementioned plane-related drama. So far, the show has been overall disappointing, struggling with the complexities of its own convoluted plot. While sci-fi shows have been gaining popularity in the past few years, epitomized by programs, such as “Stranger Things” and “Westworld,” “Manifest” loses itself trying to add too much to the narrative at once and underutilizing the talents of Melissa Roxburgh. In more emotional scenes, her acting has been brilliant and, if the producers and writers want to create a decent television show, then they would focus on these little moments instead.

Show: “Maniac”

Network: Netflix

Review: Following the schizophrenic Owen Milgrim, portrayed by Jonah Hill, “Maniac” details his interactions with Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and his time as a part of a drug-trial, by the company Neberdine. This crazy plotline leads the audience down a winding path, while also leaving several unanswered questions, most notably, whether or not we should trust our narrator’s perceptions. I won’t go into further detail to avoid spoiling the series, but “Maniac”  is easily one of the best shows of 2018. With a stellar first season thanks to the acting chops of Hill and Stone, as well as a brilliant plo , this series has astonished audiences across the world. It is definitely something to give watch next time you find yourself binging Netflix.