Celebrating Mrs. Kellner: Support Staff of The Year 


Kasuni Wickramasinghe, Editor-in-chief

Mrs. Kellner. We all know her, we all love her. Athletes and coaches regularly poke their heads into her cozy office to greet their favorite athletic secretary and gain her priceless guidance. She keeps the Morris Hills community strong, always armed with a smile and firm determination to accomplish any task. Mrs. Kellner works tirelessly to support not only our athletes and coaches but the Hills community as a whole. In addition to being our fabulous athletic secretary, she also co-advises the Varsity Club. Throughout the years, she’s earned the respect of all students and teachers at Morris Hills. She continuously makes her colleagues and students feel respected and understood. This year, Mrs. Kellner has been awarded Support Staff of the Year, and we can’t imagine that anybody is more deserving of this recognition. We, the students, coaches, and educators at Morris Hills, would like to extend a huge congratulations to Mrs. Kellner and express our gratitude towards her.

Coach Stephanie Fasano, the head coach for the field hockey program, describes Mrs. Kellner as “one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.” She is eternally grateful to Mrs. Kellner for welcoming her to Hills as a new coach. “It was so nerve-wracking coming in as a new head coach for the field hockey program and she always made it so welcoming and comfortable to coach here at MHHS. She is always willing to help any student, athlete, or coach in an instant. She treats everyone as if they are one of her own, even my own two kids. We are the luckiest to have Mrs. Kellner on our staff at MHHS, and she is simply the best!” 

Ms. Niemo sings the praises of Mrs. Kellner. “Mrs. Kellner is such a positive presence at Morris Hills.  Every player and coach knows that when they walk in the office – no matter the reason, challenge, or problem, they will be greeted with a smiling face ready to help you face the day!” As the head bowling coach, Ms. Niemo recognizes Mrs. Kellner as the beating heart of Hills athletics, saying, “Without her, the athletic programs at Morris Hills could never be as successful as they are!” 

Coach Seana O’Connell, the girls’ swim coach, added even more to the praise-parade. “Mrs. Kellner embodies the Morris Hills spirit! She takes it upon herself to make sure everyone has what they need and will help in any way possible. As the co-advisor of the Varsity Club,  I see how much she cares for the Morris Hills community day in and day out. She does not hesitate to immediately put down what she is working on to help a student or other member of the faculty in need.”

“Morris Hills is a better place because of [Mrs. Kellner].” Coach Claire Herman’s statement succinctly wraps up the amazing influence of Mrs. Kellner. The track coach continues, saying “She is an absolute gem. As a coach, she provides you with constant support & patient guidance. She is thorough and always has the backs of your athletes. As a friend- she lights up the room and makes you feel the most special whenever she greets you with one of her infamous hugs!”

Coach Stauss, the girls’ soccer coach, describes her experiences with Mrs. Kellner. “Mrs. Kellner was one of the first people I met switching from Knolls to Hills this summer. Her kindness and warmth, matched with her expedience and thoroughness in helping to get things done are exemplary. I knew, via Mrs. Kellner’s demeanor and empathy, that I was in a very special and wonderful place. Mrs. Kellner truly epitomizes all that is Morris Hills. We are lucky to have her on our team!”

In addition to being recognized by the Hills community for her outstanding efforts, Mrs. Kellner has also been awarded the Administrative Assistant Award of Excellence from the Directors of Athletics Association of New Jersey. Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Kellner for her amazing accomplishments as a Morris Hills educator. Mrs. Kellner, thank you! We appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for our students and the Hills community.