Thank You Ms. Seltzer!


Isha Dandekar

Ms. Seltzer, the school psychologist for Morris Hills, was named the Support Staff Member of the year for a reason. A dedicated professional who has been working for the school since 2010, Ms. Seltzer finds passion and dedication in her work to help students with their struggles and support them in times of need.

As the school psychologist, Ms. Seltzer primarily works as a case manager for IEPs (Individualized Education Program, or a program that sets curriculums for students with disabilities) and 504 plans (a set of accommodations and modifications that helps children with disabilities learn with their peers). She also works with the general school population when they are in a crisis situation, meaning that students can come to her whenever they have considerable emotional stress, and can work through their problems. 

Ms. Seltzer started her career in preschool teaching, when she was in graduate school. When she graduated, she knew she loved working with kids and wanted to stay in the field. She decided to work with high school students, saying that “every age has its own challenges and I enjoyed the high school experience of having kids being more able to verbalize their feelings.” In a high school setting, Ms. Seltzer feels it is easier to connect with her students and loves being able to talk to students about their emotions and feelings on a more nuanced level. 

For Ms. Seltzer, working at Morris Hills has been an amazing experience. She states that “all the people who work, attend, and are families here make it such an awesome experience.” She loves the energy of the school, and cites the culture as an important factor that makes the school a “very accepting and supportive place.” 

At Hills, there’s no doubt that Ms. Seltzer has made a massive impact, between her dedication to the IEP and 504 program to her continued support of students in crisis. Her warm energy, positive attitude, and unwavering dedication to her students makes her a vital part of the Morris Hills community and the support staff of the year.