Farewell to Mr. Consales


Kasuni Wickramasinghe, Editor-in-chief

As the 2021-22 school year comes to a close, Morris Hills says farewell not only to a class of graduates but also to some of our beloved staff members. Joining the ranks of MH retirees this year is Mr. Richard Consales. 

Mr. Consales worked at Morris Hills for a total of seventeen years, teaching CAD (computer-aided design), Intro to Technology, Computer Repair, and Electricity. Mr. Consales also dedicated his time to Morris Hills outside of academics over his career, serving as the advisor for the Photography Club, TSA, and the Art Services Club, among others. And of course, he also helped out with the Hilltopper by overseeing the layout and design process of the print edition. 

Before his Hills career, Mr. Consales joined the Navy immediately after graduating high school in 1975. He says that he was “fortunate” to have attended the Navy Schools for Electricity and Electronics, as they gave him the knowledge to teach technology and electricity. After the Navy, he attended Kean College of NJ, graduating in 1985. He first worked in the outdoor advertising industry, before starting his teaching career in Irvington and joining the MH community in 2003. 

As he reflects on his time at Morris Hills, he identifies working with students to help them achieve their project goals to be one of his fondest memories, whether it be in the Graphics lab or the Art Services meetings. “Guiding students from concept to design and project completion helped to instill knowledge, confidence, and satisfaction in many students,” he says.

As for his retirement plans, Mr. Consales says he’s looking forward to staying healthy, riding his bicycle every day, and spending time with friends and family. He thanks Morris Hills for a memorable career, but we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Consoles for being a key contributor to the Morris Hills teaching staff. Thank you Mr. Consales!