Mr. Cappuccio Takes Off from Morris Hills High School


Neel Godbole, Assistant Editor

Who’s that genius physicist who teaches in Room 257? The advisor of a gazillion clubs here at Hills? That teacher whose room is always bustling with energy both during and after school? If it’s not abundantly clear by now, well, it’s Mr. Cappuccio, or Mr. C, as his students affectionately refer to him. And this year, it will be his last at Morris Hills High School before he moves onto the next chapter of his thrilling life. 

Mr. C graduated from Steven’s University with a Bachelor of Engineering & Metallurgy and then went on to St. Peter’s University to receive his Master’s in Urban Education. While he was receiving his Master’s, Mr. C taught chemistry at Barringer High School, a public high school in Newark, NJ. He then transferred to Irvington High School where he taught both Physics and Chemistry for almost 6 years. In the early 2000s, he transferred to Morris Hills as a Physics and Astronomy teacher where he has stayed ever since—and loves it. 

He’s always around doing something after school, whether that be teaching his modern physics members how to solve a tricky circular motion problem, exploring the wonders of the night sky with the astronomy geeks, or cleaning up the school grounds with the EAC members. In fact, he’s made a reputation for himself at Hills as one of the busiest club advisors, leading and advising the Environmental, Modern Physics, Astronomy, and Chess and Games Clubs after school. During school, Mr. Cappuccio is the life of the party, always striving to make learning enjoyable, conceptual, and “big picture,” as he calls it. If you need an explanation on any scientific concept—chemistry, biology, especially physics—Mr. C is the go-to guy to get your question answered, and you’ll never forget the concept ever again! Senior Ishu Kansal, who is President of the Modern Physics Club, remarked that Mr. Cappuccio “always gets to the bottom of the issue, always asks the ‘why’, always engages in scientific inquiry,” which is a trait that makes his classroom experience quite unique. 

In his free time, Mr. Cappuccio is quite the adventurous man, as he loves to explore the outdoors through frequent hikes, dig through the internet to find answers to the most pressing scientific questions on his mind, and play billiards on Tuesdays while hanging out with friends. He is fond of community outreach as reflected in his work with the Environmental Advisory Committee a couple of years ago, and he loves a good lift with his “Lift it Up” group, a successful program he spearheads every year with the Character Education Taskforce. He loves to make visits to see relatives and friends in North Carolina during the summers and hopes to visit more during his retirement. 

Mrs. Vesper, who works with Mr. Cappuccio in the science department, speaks for many at Morris Hills when she says that he is “a legend.” She also commented that he’s known at Hills by his colleagues to be passionate about physics, wholeheartedly dedicated to environmental advocacy, and caring towards his fellow staff and students. Mrs. Vesper said Mr. Cappuccio’s defining trait is the “energy he brings to the classroom,” and she is amazed by his help to “create many niches where students can feel at ease, pursue their interests, and forge connections with their peers.” 

“Mr. Cappuccio will be missed!” she exclaimed when asked about the legacy he will leave behind.