School Spirit Let’s Hear It

Sara McDermott, Contributing Writer

September 12th, 2014–Gifford field was packed with people supporting our Scarlet Knights. The fan base that night was a new beginning for Morris Hills. Screaming air horns and chants left people deaf as they left the game. When the fourth quarter ended, the football team raced to the bleachers overwhelmed by the excitement of the win. We beat our biggest rivals and it was our 300th win. That night changed our school spirit, marking a new beginning in the way Morris Hills students can show the love we have for our school.

Let’s all come together and help Morris Hills be as spirited as it can be! Senior, Kyle Gaeb, Morris Hills Scarlet Knight wide receiver stated, “We need to bring the exact school spirit from the Hills/Knolls game to not just to every football game, but to every sporting event.”   He says it  “gives the players  purpose and motivation.”  Undoubtedly having classmates in the audience can motivate athletes, but as Gaeb points out, it also “ultimately, makes everything a lot more fun.”

What’s a better way of showing your school spirit than Spirit Week? Spirit Week is a great opportunity for everyone to participate by dressing according to the assigned outfits throughout the week. At the end of the week, the Battle of the Classes will take place, and that is where the most spirit is shown. Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Hat Day, Wednesday is Neon Nay, Thursday is Sports or College Day and Friday is Class Color Day. Another great way to be involved is to volunteer to decorate your class hallway. Spirit Week is a lot more fun if everyone is involved. The job of seniors is to be a positive influence on underclassmen, and Jess Swirson said “the seniors this year are bringing spirit to Hills and are making history.” The class of 2015 hopes to encourage underclassmen to continue the spirit when we graduate and to carry it on with us throughout this school year.

Some students  at Morris Hills believe that we lack school spirit. Senior, Nick Dezao believes “We need more.” If everyone were to come together, our school would be able to conquer the dearth of school spirit. Mike Dietrich exclaimed, “school spirit brings out the best in everyone in the school and it brings everyone together.” Here at Morris Hills, we have a great faculty along with talented students,  and spirit could tie it all together.