Teachers Have Lives Too!

Jake Katz and Mike Dietrich

Believe it or not, teachers also do things outside of school. Many expect teachers to just go home and grade during their free time, but this is not the case for everyone. Teachers are people too, and have lives like students do.

One teacher has quite the swing. History teacher, Mr. Rosenberg was excited to say, “I love to golf! Golf, golf, golf!” Mr. Rosenberg announced, “Other than that, I like to spend time watching my kids play sports and being involved with any fitness activity.” He was also happy to tell us what he does during the summer. He explained, “Summer time is all about the family. That’s when I get to experience the most family time. If we didn’t have summer break, I think that I would go crazy and there would be an increase in insane asylums for teachers like me. I need time off.” We were so interested in what Mr. Rosenberg does during his time outside of school and during the summer, we needed to know what he did on rainy days when he was not teaching. He told us that, “Rainy days are when I get to take care of household improvements that I’ve been putting off and don’t want to do.” As you can see Mr. Rosenberg does other things besides teach, including improving his golf swing.

Another teacher willing to offer an inside look into his life outside of the Morris Hills property was graphics teacher, Mr. Consales. Mr. C, as his students call him, is a very interesting guy and does much more things than just teach classes at a high school. “I love to fish; fishing is a great hobby to have because it relaxes me outside of the classroom,” he explained. He also loves to cook. Who would have thought that a graphic arts teacher would be passionate about the culinary arts. We were also very happy to get an idea of what Mr. C does during the summertime. During the summer when he is not teaching at Morris Hills, this teacher enjoys exploring the world. “I usually travel and go on vacation.” He said that when the summertime is here, he likes to relax and enjoy his time away from the classroom. We also had the pleasure of finding out what this intriguing teacher does during the days when it rains. “On rainy days when I am off from teaching, I like to stay home and watch old gangster movies.” Mr. Consales enjoys his time away from teaching when he gets it and as you can see, he does more than just stand in a classroom teaching students.

The last staff member we interviewed is quite fascinating. Mrs. Bohmer is a fan favorite among the student body. A ton of students like her because she is such an enthralling and inviting person. Many people can relate to her well, which was why we were extremely excited to interview her. “Some of my hobbies outside of school are arts/crafts and watching movies,” she stated. When we asked Mrs. Bohmer what she does on rainy days, we could tell that she loved them by the things she told us she did during them. “On rainy days I typically watch old scary movies, especially monster movies. They’re my favorite.” Mrs. Bohmer also had time to discuss what she does during the summertime. When asked, she gave us an answer that was much unexpected. “I spend almost all summer at Girl Scout Camp, I do it every year.” She makes meals for the campers and just enjoys the laughs and memories she experiences at this camp with the Girl Scouts. She was very passionate in her answer. When asked how these activities contribute to her job she stated, “It gives me stuff to talk to the kids about. When they see me working on embroidery, for example, it shows that I’m human and do something other than security.” Mrs. Bohmer contributes to the school greatly physically and socially and it was a luxury to interview her.

From the wide range of teachers we interviewed, they all had their own distinctive activities and hobbies. These things shape who they are as people and who they are on the job. Teachers do not just teach, but also choose to devote their time to some of the better parts of life.