Staycation Ideas!


Saikrishna Gaddam, Contributing Writer

It is a hot summer day with the temperatures soaring to 80 or 90 degrees. The sweat pours down your back, as you vegetate on the couch, bored. We all want to have fun this summer, but some don’t have the resources to take expensive vacations. Some of us will not go on a trip to Florida or Alaska or some other cool place. Here are some ways to have some summer fun anyway, without breaking the bank.

There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation and you want to find the best way to spend it. So consider: building a rocket, having water balloon fights, climbing up a really tall hill, giving a monkey a shower, or discovering a new part of the woods. Maybe you want to go swimming at the beach, make popsicles, or attend some parades. You can also find some video games or paint a picture. There’s a whole lot of stuff you can do before school starts this fall that can be done on a budget, so get out there and make the most of your summer!