The Fresh New Experience of a Freshman

Shalaka Madge, Staff Member

High school – it’s a nightmare for some and an adventure for others. Yes, it will be scary, stressful, and hard. Yes, it will be filled with projects, homework, and tests. But at the same time, it will be filled with fun, exciting new experiences, and some of the best memories of our lives. (Or so I’ve heard. I’m only a freshman).

I entered Morris Hills with my head full of rumors, tips, and warnings. Most of all, I was full of excitement. Not the excitement you get at amusement parks, but the excitement that you get when you open a birthday present- excitement to learn what is in store. The first day was like any “first day of school”. It was filled with speeches, forms, and the uncertainty of where to sit during lunch. The enormity of the school was very intimidating (I’ve gotten lost twice so far) and even more were daunting were its challenging teachers.

However, the teachers were a great help in making the incoming freshman comfortable during these first days. Sure, some teachers were a little scary at first, but I soon realized that they were there to help us learn, not to fail us! The transition into high school was definitely easier because of the teachers. Though no one likes those cheesy ice-breaker games and worksheets, I have to admit that they do make it easier to communicate with the other students.

I never realized it, but those little school events helped me get to know some other students. One such event was the student election. I got to know the candidates and made a couple of new friends just from talking to others about the election. Another event was spirit week. The freshman class joined together to make a great hallway, competed in events in front of the whole student body. Everyone came together and cheered for the team, save for a few spiritless people. We even embraced our multiple last place finishes with pride and cheers Now it’s been a month since school, and my fears are slowly starting to fade away. Replacing those fears is an eagerness for my favorite classes, and sometimes tension for tests and quizzes. So far, I’ve been through preschool, elementary school, and middle school. When I think about the years in school I have ahead of me, I ask myself, How hard can four more years be?

(I know that there is college, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it)