Mr. Toriello hopes to bring MH to “next level”

Mr. Toriello hopes to bring MH to next level

Shefali Kumar, Contributing Editor

            The Hilltopper would like to congratulate Mr. Toriello and welcome him as the new principal of Morris Hills High School. After eight years of being an amazing assistant principal, Mr. Toriello has stepped up to be the principal. For Mr. Toriello, the most exciting part of being the new principal is facing the new challenges that the position brings. From supervising the school at all times to trying to figure out what’s next in the future of Morris Hills, there is certainly a lot involved in the job. “There are certain initiatives that can help Morris Hills evolve to the next level,” Mr. Toriello said. Mr. Toriello hopes to implement these visions and initiatives and keep the high school moving forward in a positive direction. He is also looking forward to continuing to work with the most and dedicated wonderful staff and students he knows.

            As principal, Mr. Toriello has set many goals and visions to keep improving the school. He would like to continue to lead the school and its students in a positive direction, raise test scores, and continue to build upon all the different inherent strengths of Morris Hills. Additionally, part of his overall new vision for Morris Hills is to increase school spirit and participation in different activities and events. This includes increasing participation in AP classes and the AVID program. He wants to use the strategies and beliefs used by AVID and turn them into school wide concepts. He also hopes to promote community service school-wide. He believes in giving back to the community and hopes to make it a prevalent quality in the students at Morris Hills.

            Mr. Toriello is inspired by a favorite quote of a principal at a previous school where he worked: “Make your lives extraordinary.” He hopes to do that in his tenure as principal. He ended The Hilltopper interview with a motivational message for the student body. His message to students: “Make the most out of your education and work extremely hard. These four years of high school fly by extremely quickly, so make sure to get involved.”