Dodgeball Bonanza fundraiser a huge success


Mrs. Yaeger

The winning team of the dodgeball bonanza.

Shreyas Agnihotri, Contributing Writer

The buildup for this year’s Dodgeball Bonanza was huge-we all saw the advertisement on the morning announcements – and this year’s tournament certainly delivered! April 10th saw 15 teams battle in an old-fashioned, loser-goes-home dodgeball tournament. The main gym was divided into two halves, allowing two games to go on at once and giving these fierce competitors a chance to fit in even more matches. The rules were simple: eliminate the other team’s players hitting them with a dodgeball below the neck or by catching a live ball thrown by an opposing player. Players were required to stay within boundary lines at all times. The games, which had a four minute time limit, began with three balls set up on the middle line and the teams of six lined up on opposite ends of the floor. When the whistle blew, the game was on!

All fifteen teams came ready to play this year, complete with custom-made shirts that displayed the team names. The tournament followed a double-elimination format, with teams that lost games going into a “Loser’s Bracket” and the champion from that bracket playing the champion from the “Winner’s Bracket.” The first round matchups were assigned at random. From the start, several strong teams emerged, battling their way through each round. As the games continued, the field narrowed, and teams began to be eliminated after losing two matches. The Winner’s Bracket championship featured a teacher team against a student team, both wishing to make it to the final game. The Average Joe Cacciaguida’s, led by Mr. Barchetto and Mr. Hilla, put up a valiant effort – using teamwork and their trusted teacher experience – but in the end, the student team, led by Conor McClain and Colton Fergas, was simply too much to overcome and made it to the championship. Their foe in the final was the Dodgeaholics, who had fought their way out of the Loser’s Bracket led by Matt Toohey and Zach Berkiowitz. The final was perhaps the most exciting game of all as the best of the best battled it out to the end. The Dodgeaholics took an early lead, eliminating two opposing players, but eventually McClain and Colton’s teammounted a furious comeback and claimed victory, as they had done all night.

The end of the Dodgeball Bonanza saw Conor McClain, Colton Fergas, Tyler Magar, Shaye Clark, Anna Marie Ciallella, and Kellyann Gangaware win the title, but this fun night was about so much more than just dodgeball. For the third straight year, the tournament served as a fundraiser for the senior class, going towards their prom bids, picnic, and graduation costs. The 15 teams of 6 (comprised of 3 boys and 3 girls) each paid $42, raising $630 just on their own! Spectators additionally came to watch the games, paying a $3 admission fee. The spectators and players combined to make $700 for the senior class total! This entertaining night would not have been possible without help from some volunteers either. Senior Class Secretary Emily Nieman and Senior Class Treasurer Kimmie Richman were the announcers for the event, calling the scheduled games and identifying all the winners. Members of Morris Hills’ Project Lead served as ball-boys and ball-girls, ensuring the games went smoothly. The entire event was coordinated by Ms. Yaeger, the Senior Class Advisor. Overall, this was definitely another successful year of the Dodgeball Bonanza. Congratulations to this year’s champions!