The (Not-So) Fresh New Experience of a Freshman

Shalaka Madge, Contributing Writer, Sports Editor

           In the beginning of the year, I wrote an article describing my impression of Morris Hills and how entering high school. Now, I feel very different from how I did in September.  As hard as it is to believe, one year of high school is over. Seniors are almost finished with high school, juniors are getting ready for their final year, sophomores are half-way through their high school journey, and freshmen have had a taste of what high school is like.

            I can’t say that I knew what high school was going to be like when I entered Morris Hills. I had only seen the school twice before, and I did not know many upperclassmen. In fact, I was coming from out of the district, meaning that I knew practically nobody when I entered the massive school. I’m glad to say I know a lot more people now.

            I even warmed up to all of my teachers, and I sure hope they warmed up to me! I realized that they do not feel glee when I forget homework, but they are disappointed. They want me to succeed; they want me to worry less about grades and more about learning, no matter how cliché that sounds. The long nights I spent doing homework and projects will prepare me for what is yet to come, and I am incredibly thankful that I had many friends in the same position to help me in times of need.

            Each day, I made a friend and I felt more and more comfortable walking through the hallways. (I can proudly say I know my way around the building now!) I remember one of the first things I saw before entering the school was the video during the freshman orientation of people telling me to “Get Involved!” I am extremely glad I took that advice. I was part of three clubs and a member of the swim team this year. It was challenging juggling late meets and schoolwork, but I know that if I did nothing, I would have had a miserable year.

            Besides the clubs and sports I participated in, nearly every day at the school gave me a new memory. I remember the Battle of the Classes, where the freshmen were crushed by the upperclassmen, but I didn’t complain. I’ll get my turn to rise above the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen when I am a senior! For now, I must accept the “high-school” hierarchy and accept that I am a freshman.

            Next year, however, I won’t be able to say that. Next year, I will be a sophomore and I’ll know my way around the school, will know many people before I enter, and I will be used to the long nights of homework. Now that I think about it, sophomore year should be a piece of cake if I use all my “Freshman experience,” but I highly doubt that is going to be true.

            I think about the years of high school I have ahead and say to myself, I’ve been through one year of high school. How hard can three more years be?

            Sometimes I’m afraid to know the answer!