Mixing It Up at the Freshman Mixer

Tomas Sampson, Contributing Writer

Body-shaking bass blasted out of gigantic speakers, accompanied by the bright lights of the ceiling and the photographer’s camera. The crunching of cheesy Doritos and Cheetos was almost impossible to ignore. On this Friday night, who could resist all of the food and fun? That’s what the freshman mixer on September 19th was all about. It was a time for incoming Morris Hills freshmen from different middle schools, towns, and cultures to meet new people and socialize.

According to Mr. Mein, the SGA adviser, about 120 freshmen attended the 2014 mixer. He said, “The SGA hosts the freshman mixer every year so the freshman class is able to get together, meet one another, and have a fun time.” If that was the goal, this year’s mixer was certainly successful, and the freshmen enjoyed it. The dance started the new school year off with a blast.

Everyone was moving to the music and showing off their dance skills at the year’s first freshman-only event. There were some arm wrestling competitions and rap battles going on in addition to dancing and socializing. Overall, people enjoyed themselves and created new memories that will be remembered throughout their high school careers.

Senior varsity football player Mike Dietrich recalls that the freshman mixer “was a great time, and I remember everyone enjoying themselves; I had the most fun on the dance floor with my fellow classmates.” Senior Sara McDermott added, “I remember it being like a middle school dance, and I was able to meet new people in my grade.” Current freshmen will no doubt have similar memories later on in high school. In all, we can only hope that the rest of this year’s school events match up to the success of this one.