Junior year crucial for future successes

Junior year is the most important year of high school in many ways. “This is the last year students have to raise their GPA and class rank before they apply to college,” Mrs. Lugo, guidance counselor at Morris Hills said. For many, junior year is also the most challenging year of high school.

Every time juniors turn around, they have to take another test. Mrs. Lugo said, “Juniors have to take the PSAT, quarterlies, the PARCC, and the SAT or ACT.” It is crucial to do well on these tests to get into a good college. Senior Bruno Meinero said, “The hardest tests I took junior year were the ACT and the SAT.” Andrea Herran explained that, “You really need to study for the science on the ACT; it is the hardest section in my opinion.”

There are many ways one can prepare for the SAT or ACT. Morris Hills offers a class called SAT Prep which helps one prepare for the SAT or ACT. Senior Melissa Marin stated that, “You should really take the SAT Prep Class; it helped me a lot.” SAT Prep is a class for one to take to make sure they know there will be no surprises on the test. Taking the PSAT is also another good preparation for the SAT as it’s almost the same format.