Planting the SEEDs of Creativity in Morris Hills


When asked about SEED Magazine, most people responded with a confused look followed by, “Wait, what’s that again?” To answer their question, SEED, according to its advisor Mr. Diaz, is Morris Hills’s creative arts magazine. It features the students’ artwork and writing and accepts a wide variety of submissions: works like poetry, short stories, flash fiction, lyrics, plays, photography, drawings, paintings, sculpture, and more are featured in every issue of the magazine. “This year,” Diaz said, “we’re all about putting SEED on the map and giving our submitters a readership.”

The magazine is also looking to reformat in order to put the best works on the spot. For example, SEED will include feature pieces in its next issue, which will be released by the end of May. Feature pieces are works that are selected by the staff which will have two or more full pages and will include a profile of the author and his or her picture. Selected pieces are those which go “above and beyond,” as Diaz said, and “are innovative, captivating, and bold. They push the limits.” These are the pieces which the staff feels deserve their own recognition where the student and his or her talent is showcased.

SEED is currently looking for submissions of any kind. Though the staff decides what best represents the creative arts community at Morris Hills, it is up to the students themselves to put forth their work to be published. In addition to that, this year the club is building a website where all submissions can be displayed online, so if you don’t make it into the published magazine, there will always be room on the website.

In addition, the staff would be happy to welcome any potential new members with fresh ideas who would like to join the magazine. Submitting work is not mandatory for staff members, but is encouraged. For information about submitting to the magazine or joining the staff, please refer to Mr. Diaz in room 220. Also, watch out for the coffee sale after school very soon!