Open for Business!

Gordon Chu, Editor-in-Chief, Webmaster

You might have heard hushed rumors about it in the hallways. You might have sat next to it during lunch time. One thing is for certain is that you have definitely seen it at least once: the mysterious glass display case in the cafeteria. It is currently empty, but SGA president Rahul Naik hopes to change that soon.

Even before the last school year ended, the Student Government Association had been working hard to ensure that 2014-2015 at Morris Hills would be the best it could possibly be. When Rahul met with our principal Mr. Toriello and assistant principal Mr. Melvin at the end of June, the hot topic flying around was the idea of a school store. After getting the plan approved in August, the district ordered the glass display case that now stands in the cafeteria.

The SGA’s philosophy with respect to stocking the store has been one of quality. “We want the store to open with a bang! Long lasting items that serve a purpose – a shirt that will survive more than one wash and a pen that will actually last more than one test,” are the types of items the store will be selling, according to Rahul. The store plans to sell custom Morris Hills apparel, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, lanyards, and drawstring bags, general school supplies such as pencils, notebook paper, binders, and Morris Hills pens and coffee mugs. In conjunction with purchasing merchandise from external vendors, the SGA also plans to involve the Morris Hills community, in an interdisciplinary effort, as part of the store. Mr. Consales’ graphics class has volunteered to create headbands with our school logo and Mr. Epstein, the woodshop teacher, might make a wooden insert with the letters “MH” engraved as a fixture for the store. If you have any ideas regarding how your class can help out, make sure to tell an SGA officer!

The next big question on everyone’s mind is, “When is it open?” The store hours will be two to three times a week during lunches, before and after school, and during informational school functions (Back to School night, Academy Information Night, Freshman Parent Night, College Financial Night, etc.). It will be staffed primarily by members of the SGA; however, all students are welcome to interview for a sales position after the store opens. The store opens on Friday, February 27 so be sure to visit and see what they have to offer!