They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky… Addams Family announced as school musical

Jake Katz, Contributing Writer

This spring, the students of Morris Hills High School will be performing “The Addams Family”, a fun musical about an odd family whose strange antics make them stand out against the normal suburban town in which they live.

The play is known for its memorable characters such as Gomez Addams, the Addams patriarch, who is sarcastic, diabolical, and protective of his family and will be played by senior Jorge Villaroel. His wife, Morticia Addams, is the mother of the family and is the head of the household. Morticia is a sultry woman who smiles rarely, and is known to have a deadly streak.  Senior Samantha Rizzuto will take the MH stage in this role.

The director of the musical this year is English teacher Ms. Amy Shera. This is Ms. Shera’s first time working on the Morris Hills stage, although she has a lot of experience working in musical theater.  Ms. Shera said that she chose to do “The Addams Family” because “it is brand new and Morris Hills will be one of the first schools in the area to do it.” She said she is very excited about the production and raved about how well the cast and crew are doing at putting the show together. Assisting Ms. Shera are Mrs. Dougherty as the  assistant director; Ms. Minic as the director of costumes/make up, Ms. D’Achille as musical director, Mr. Sopko as pit band director, Ms. Moreno as technical director, Mr. Epstein as set builder, and Mrs. Mugavero as choreographer.

The Addams Family will open at 7:00 PM on March 19 and will continue at the same time till the 21st. Admission for students and senior citizens is $8 and is $10 for adult. Mark your calendars for a great show!