A Day in Denville


Katrina Alonso, Copy Editor

With the lazy days of spring and summer fast approaching, both teenagers and adults alike scramble to find activities to fill their vacant hours. Most resort to going into New York City, spending at least an hour on the bus or train and then blowing all their cash on the many shiny things the city has to offer. For those who don’t have the money or the patience, have no fear! A treasure chest of fun activities lies just 10 minutes away in the neighboring town of Denville.

Though most people in the arcupea are familiar with Denville’s more famous spots like the Denville Plaza which contains a Starbucks and a Walgreens or the Denville Dairy, Denville’s Main Street and the alleys and avenues that surround it are brimming with intriguing shops and restaurants many have yet to explore. You could begin your day out with a big, homey cup o’ joe and an order of French toast at Mara’s Country Desserts, which is famous around these parts for their sweets and treats. Spend an hour or so afterwards at the Urban Muse for a relaxing massage while the kids enjoy themselves at PowerPlay Gaming, or maybe get your creativity juices flowing with a trip to Brushes and Bisque to paint and glaze a ceramic piece. Even a lap around Main Street, exploring antique stores like Between Friends and perusing the racks at some of Denville’s boutiques could lend to a cheap afternoon of enjoyment.

A wide array of restaurants awaits you in Denville. When you get hungry, you could stop by the Heritage Grill for traditional American fare like burgers and fries or go to Thatcher McGee’s for hearty Irish comfort food like shepherd’s pie. If you’re feeling more adventurous, take a trip to Caffe Delhi for the best Indian food options. A limited diet might take you to Veggie Heaven, a vegetarian Chinese restaurant where vegetarians and even vegans may enjoy flavorful, animal product-free dishes. Of course, it wouldn’t be New Jersey if there weren’t a diner in every town, so for famous diner food like disco fries that everyone craves when they leave the Garden State, come to Denville Diner. If after you eat you’re craving for sweets, Beignets would be a great place to visit; not only do they sell amazing hand-crafted donuts and refreshing gelato, but their specialty is an out-of-the-ordinary pastry called the beignet, a light, airy French Creole pastry that’s deep-fried and served with powdered sugar and honey. Paired with their earthy coffee blends or gourmet teas, their light desserts make for the perfect end to a hearty meal.irish

Some students have already even claimed favorites among Denville’s selection. Senior Yvette Calunsod, who likes Denville because of its affordable, dynamic array of restaurants, says she like  s to frequent Thatcher McGee’s and Beignets for their cheap, delicious meals and tasty desserts. Senior Mia Nazzaro is fond of the intimate, “college-town” feel of the area and loves supporting the many family-owned establishments in Denville. When she’s in town, she said she loves visiting Beignets (clearly a popular choice!), Veggie Heaven, and, when it’s in season, Denville’s farmer’s market.diner

Though New York City may be full of both attractions and distractions, you don’t have to make the 30-mile trek to enjoy amazing restaurants, relaxing spas, or artsy studios. You could enjoy all those things and more if you spend a day in Denville.

Image courtesy of northjersey.com