A Taste of the World – Morris Hills Multicultural Dinner

On Wednesday, March 25th, the students at Morris Hills enjoyed a festive dinner in the beautifully decorated cafeteria. The event most definitely lived up to the hype surrounding it, with teachers and students preparing the various cultural stands and festooning the cafeteria with decorations, balloons, and flags. The students, teachers, and volunteers were gaily dressed in colorful attire representing their culture and ethnicity. Throughout the night, people were getting henna tattoos, taking pictures in the photo booth, and trying different foods from around the world.

There were different cuisines from all around the world – from the traditional “American” pizza to the delicious, or “délicieux”, crepes from France. While the Spanish club was handing out tacos, quesadillas, and homemade empanadas, the students running the Chinese stand handed out dumplings, mouthwatering noodles, and steaming fried rice.  It seemed as if food from every corner of the world was right here at Morris Hills – American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Indian, German and French. Each table represented an entirely different culture, giving people a glimpse into that country’s food, culture, and customs.

The night was filled with fun events, activities, and cultural demonstrations. Ms. Stevenson, the German teacher, taught an interactive German dance that got everyone’s feet moving. People were mesmerized by the intricate detail and footwork of classical Indian dances performed by students. At the end, students joined in for a competitive yet exhilarating game of limbo, followed by musical chairs.

Señorita Wagner, loved the overall atmosphere of the multicultural dinner. She said, “My favorite part of the multicultural dinner is having the chance to celebrate how diverse the Morris Hills is.  I love seeing students interact with one another about the outfits that they are wearing, the song or dance they are performing, or the food that they brought in to share. I love that the dinner gives the students a chance to celebrate their heritage and share their culture with others. Students were able to share aspects of their culture with others, while learning something new from someone else. I love that everyone here at Hills can get together and celebrate each other’s cultures, and I absolutely believe that Morris Hills should keep this tradition alive!”

Overall, this year’s multicultural dinner was a fun, enjoyable, and successful event. Most of the students who participated in the event found the event to be both entertaining and educational. Students actually got a “taste of the world,” in the literal sense of the term. Kudos to the organizers of the event!