MH Caf:  A Review

Ryan McLaughlin, Contributing Writer

The new school lunches are definitely on point. With favorites like french fries and cookies, Morris Hills’ new food service, Pomptonian, offers a wide variety of excellent food.

Pomptonian serves food in over 300 schools, offering new foods and occasional specials like fresh sushi. In their own words, “Pomptonian’s entire business is focused on serving students the highest quality nutritious lunches at an affordable price.” In addition to the ever-changing lunch options, Pomptonian also provides an ample array of snacks, including fruit snacks, chips, and cookies.

But what do students have to say about the new cafeteria food? The Hilltopper staff talked to three Morris Hills students, all of whom eat the school lunch most of the time. Two, Joe Lee and Giselle Gonzales, said they usually buy the hot lunch and the last, Adrianna Diaz, said she usually buys pizza. The two that said they usually buy the hot lunch said that they normally enjoy it, but “the portions are small,” according to Lee. When asked if they thought the food is better at Morris Hills than at their middle schools, all three responded with a resounding yes and agreed that this school offers a wider variety of food.

There was some disagreement, however, on the quality of the food served. Adrianna Diaz thought the food is “over-processed but still good,” while Joe Lee thought the food is high quality.

Despite a minor difference in opinions, most students seem to enjoy Pomptonian’s school lunches, which is what really matters. Not everything appeals to every student, but there’s something for everyone.


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