‘Tis the Season for Promposals

The snow is melting and grass is cropping up, which must mean a new season is approaching: prom season. Oh yes, the romantic (and sometimes awkward) time for high school students to ask others to a dance that people look forward to for many years has arrived. Recently, being asked to prom has become just as important as going to the prom itself. The way the asker may pose the question can make or break the response. Nowadays, they’re  called ‘promposals’ which are “when high schoolers ask each other to prom with the level of pomp and circumstance that rivals an actual engagement,” as described by Charlotte Alter of Time Magazine. In other words, the bigger the better, and many students secretly hope to have the “Best Promposal of the Year.” Don’t lie, I know as you’re reading this you’re thinking the same thing.

Not only are promposals becoming popular, but often there is a common factor behind the ways people go about promposing. Many people choose to include decorative items such as balloons, flowers, and signs that have cute sayings along with the posed question.  But in order to make it imaginative, some may incorporate food, stuffed animals, sports-related items, and candy.

As a result of this phenomenon, creativity can bloom by using a theme to ask that very important question and by using “props” to go with it; it can definitely get that special someone to say yes. For example, if the person you are asking likes or plays baseball, you can get a baseball and write, “I might strike out by asking, but will you go to prom with me?” on it. Or, use food as a theme and spell out “prom” on cupcakes. And don’t forget, girls can ask guys to prom too. It’s very common for girls to be the askers and many guys are flattered when they do. Recently, according to ABC News, “Sarah Kardonsky of Division Avenue High School in Levittown, New York, asked a friend, Michael Pagano, to prom with a video proposal that featured some special guests.” The video included players from Michael’s favorite football team, the New York Jets. Of course, Michael said yes to Sarah.

Depending on your date, pick something that he or she likes or things that make up their personality. Don’t just pick something that you found on the Internet that has no connection. If you can’t think of something that isn’t 100% original and creative, then find some examples that could be used as inspiration and make adjustments to make it your own. No matter who it is for, the more original the promposal, the more the person being asked will appreciate it. Good luck and have fun with it!