Dodgeball Bonanza…A Blast!

Mehk Sethi

From the advertisements on the morning announcements to the posters in the hallway, the buildup was huge, and without a doubt, this year’s dodgeball tournament lived up to the hype. On April 16, 2015, twenty-two dodgeball teams faced off in the Morris Hills gym with their custom-made shirts and their game faces, determined to win. The teams were comprised of three girls and three boys. In the mix, there were two teacher teams, Mr.Hilla’s team of Mr. Bollette, Mr. Hurley, Mrs. Jones, Ms. Katz, and an Ms. Lawrence, and Mr. Mein’s team: Mr. Roman, Mr. Gabriel, Ailey Sheehan, Rhianna Follet, and Kyleigh Miller.

The excitement and enthusiasm in the gym was palpable from the sounds of dodgeballs hitting fierce competitors and fans cheering and applauding. While all teams worked hard and played with heart, only one team could win. The victor of this year’s dodgeball tournament was the Power Rangers, comprised of Bobby Sugot, Nicole Brennan, Skylar Kotzen, Isaiah Turner, and Kelly Abasto.

This fun night had everything, from ultimate tests of strength in the fierce battles on the dodgeball court to entertainment watching teachers and students compete against each other. However, the most important aspect of the night was that it served as a fundraiser for the senior class, helping defer costs of prom bids, the senior picnic, and graduation. All of this would not have been possible without the senior class officers: Brandon McHugh, Juan Concha, Regina Lyons, and Claudia Jablonski; Juan announced; the others played. All in all, this dodgeball tournament was extremely successful as it raised over $900 for the senior class treasury, and everyone had a good time. Thank you to everyone who made this entertaining night possible, and congratulations to the winners!