Golf Takes a New Swing


Jake Katz, Contributing Writer

In my most recent golf match, the course conditions were fantastic. The air smelled of spring and the fairways were razor-cut. I made a great shot down the fairway and the ball stopped right in the middle. The green still looked quite far away, but I did not know how far away it was and didn’t know what club to use. I was torn between my pitching wedge and my nine iron. As I struggled to decide, my opponent was generous enough to help me out and told me I was 60 yards away from the pin. He knew this because he had a watch that had the ability to tell him how far he was from the hole in yards. New technology in golf, such as this watch, has been changing the game of golf completely.

This is only one example of the new technology available in the golf game today. Many more of these new gadgets exist. Another example is the “soft” golf ball. These golf balls allow athletes to hit it farther, chip the ball onto the green easier and even putt better. Overall, these soft golf balls really give golfers a completely different feel for the ball when hitting. Many golfers today use this type of golf ball, which really improves their golf game. Another golf ball created by the company Polara has the power to correct itself after being hit. For example, if one hits a golf ball and it slices forty yards to the right, the ball will correct itself in-flight and only slice about ten yards instead. This fascinating ball has been tested many times and has been proven to actually work, though many disagree.

Yet more helpful advances in the game of golf are golf clubs that let you choose where you want the ball to go. Companies are now making golf clubs that have a little switch and the golfer using the club gets to choose if they want the ball to go to the left, the right, or down the middle. Also, manufacturers are starting to create lighter drivers, which allow golfers to swing faster and hit the ball much farther than if they had used an older club. These golf clubs have made the game more enjoyable for many.

Tiger Woods golf shoes also improve play. These shoes dramatically assist golfers in improving their swings. Tiger Woods golf shoes have longer spikes, which allow golfers to stay on the ground longer during the swing, which reduces any kind of slice to the left or right. The ball is more likely to go straight when one is wearing these shoes.

Morris Hills golfer ,Tyler Rodrigues, said the technology has really upped his gameplay. He explained, “Faster drivers and softer balls have really changed my game. With the lighter and faster drivers my drives go farther than I have ever hit them before and the ball is carried in the air much farther, also. Since the ball is softer it helps me create better contact and it allows fewer errors in my shots.”

Once you step onto the course for the first time with this new technology, everything changes. You step up to the tee box and eye your target. You pull out your new speed driver and your new golf ball from Titleist, the softest golf ball made. You check if your new Tiger Woods golf shoes are tied up tightly and swing away. Your ball goes straight down the fairway, farther than you have ever hit it before and as straight as can be. Once you are near the green, you take out your new GPS watch and see that you are exactly 106 yards away from the hole, and you take out your pitching wedge and swing away. You are on the green and take out your putter. This new soft ball you are putting with is much easier to hit. The putt goes in. Congratulations, you made par.