Minute to Win It


On Monday, May 19, Morris Hills held its first annual Minute to Win It event. Led by the members of Project LEAD, the competition took place in the main gym directly after school. Project LEAD students, with the help of Ms. Lembo, set up 10 tables around the gym with various competitions for participants to try. Students could move around the gym trying each activity and recording their successful times. As per Minute to Win It rules, participants could only record their times if they completed the challenges in less than a minute. The 10 activities were as follows:

Shiver Me Timbers: Participants blow up balloons and use the air inside them to knock 15 cups off of a table.

Skittle Scurry: Participants use a straw in their mouths to pick up skittles from a bowl and move them into a different cup.

Double Trouble: Participants use one hand to throw two dice into two separate cups.

Caddy Stack: Participants stack 3 golf balls on top of each other and must keep the stack in the air for 3 seconds.

Keep it Up: Participants must keep a feather in the air using only their breath.

Mega Bubble: Participants blow bubbles and move them over a distance of 10 feet, through a hula hoop, by blowing on them.

Chandelier: Participants use 15 empty soda cans and 4 paper plates to create a chandelier shape. First, one can is placed on the table with a plate on top. The next level up has 2 cans with a plate on it, and so on until there are 5 cans on the uppermost plate.

Baby Blocking: Participants balance a paper plate on their heads with 5 children’s building blocks stacked on top for a minimum of 3 seconds.

Spoon Frog: Participants launch teaspoons into cups using only another spoon as a catapult.

Noodling Around: Participants must put uncooked pieces of spaghetti in their mouths and use the spaghetti to pick up mini penne noodles scattered on a table, then drop them in a bowl.

At the end of the afternoon, the record sheets were collected and the student with the fastest time for each activity was identified as a winner. Each of these students was put into a raffle for a gift card prize. Overall, the event was interesting and entertaining for all students who participated and helped out. A special thanks goes to Ms. Lembo and Project LEAD members for making the event possible. Minute to Win It is definitely something to look forward to next year.