Positivity is the Key


Many seem to miss the true meaning of life. People get caught up in the superficial and the normal, things that are not important factors in having a positive lifestyle. Being alive means being free: free to expand one’s mind beyond what one is familiar with. But too many people don’t do what they love because they fear judgment. Judgment is one of the most negative influences that people allow into their everyday lives. Caring too much about unimportant things, such as others’ opinions, is a detriment to a healthy and happy lifestyle. The more negative things you allow in your life, the more negative it will be. Give out positivity and that positivity will be returned.

The world we live in follows the Law of Attraction: whatever you give out is what you receive. Every day, people give off negative emotions and feelings that actually come back to them. A lot of a person’s happiness also depends on who they surround themselves with. If one is surrounded by negative people and attitudes, negativity will remain in one’s life. People forget that they are the writers of their own stories; they are in control of their own journeys. The biggest problem with a negative lifestyle is not recognizing the ability to change it. We all have the power of the universe in our hands, but some just don’t realize it.

A popular book that focuses on the importance of positivity is Become Contagious, by Shawn Burr. It’s about positive energy addiction and how to use the Law of Attraction to better your life and deepen your appreciation of it. “What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life,” Catherine Ponder says. Simply put, what you give out is what you receive. Every day people attract negative energy into their lives simply because they give it out. Even the tiniest negative comment, such as “I wish this day was over,” can make one’s day negative. If one radiates love, positivity, and energy that is exactly what will be received in return. Incredible things can be achieved with the right mindset and mentality.