The Must-See Summer Blockbusters of 2015

The summer is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing – those lazy and relaxing summer days spent at the mall and movie theater are only a few weeks away. And this summer, the movie theaters will be extremely packed and you may find yourself torn between what movie to watch.  Superhero fans and Disney fans are in for a treat – not to mention those who love the returns of classic movies. There are new movies being released almost every week in the summer, so there will always be a new movie to watch!

Starting it off with the highly anticipated and received Avengers: The Age of Ultron which was released in early May, followed by the Barden Bella’s performance in their return in the long awaited Pitch Perfect 2, the summer blockbusters of 2015 are off to a great start.

Opening in 3D, 2D and IMAX theaters, Jurassic World offers an exhilarating sci-fi adventure that is set 22 years after the events of Steven Spielberg’s original 1993 Michael Crichton adaption, Jurassic Park. There is a lot of hype for Jurassic World, which is coming out on June 12th. And for all the Disney fans, Inside Out, a movie about a girl’s emotions: Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness is being released on June 19th and is bringing about a lot of excitement.

In early July, Minions, a spin-off of the Despicable Me Series will entertain people of all ages. The intriguing plot can be considered a prequel to the series, as it takes place before Gru (B.G.). On July 17th, Antman and Mr. Holmes will be coming out. Antman is superhero thriller about a con man who is able to shrink in size but grow in strength who must hide the secret of his Ant-man suit and save the world. Sherlock Holmes, who is at the near end of his life, makes a return in Mr. Holmes when he revisits an unsolved case that led to his retirement.

Paper Towns, which is based on John Green’s popular novel about a young man who embarks on a road trip to find a missing girl, will be released on July 24th.

Starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, Pixels (July 24th) is about aliens attacking Earth because of a misrepresentation about video games.

For superhero fans, the third Fantastic Four movie will be released in theaters on August 7th in 3D. Based on the Marvel Comics superhero franchise, the Fantastic Four team returns and must learn to harness abilities from an alternate universe and use them to save the Earth.

And to end a summer full of superhero action, Disney movies, and exciting blockbusters, Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials is coming out on September 18th. In the next chapter of the epic Maze Runner saga, Thomas and the Gladers face their greatest challenge yet: searching for clues about the mysterious and powerful organization known as WCKD.

This summer is going to be full of exciting movies for people of all ages and interests – so don’t miss out!