TSA Competes at State Conference

Technology Student Association (TSA) is the only organization in the country for technology students. Students who are enrolled in or who completed technology courses in their schools have the opportunity to participate in competitive technology events. Over 190,000 schools from across the country participate in the TSA competitions.

The students in Morris Hills TSA spent this year staying afterschool every Thursday to work on their projects. Students in TSA may either work alone or collaboratively. There are over thirty different projects that students can choose from. After students complete their projects, they then compete against students from other schools in New Jersey.

The 2015 Morris Hills TSA team went to the NJ TSA High School Conference on May 2nd. The Morris Hills TSA Team participated in seven events this year. Justin Mickus, John Nguyen and Nicholas Sherman worked together to complete the Animatronics project. They made an animatronic hand and had to give a presentation on the day of the conference. Matt Hallac did the Technology Problem Solving project, which was an on-site event. Oscar Dadfar completed the Digital Video Production project, and Aayush Sriram did the Video Game Design project. Mustafa Salim completed the Music Production project, while Jonathan Lee worked on the Dragster Design project, which entailed building a model car and racing it against others. Alexa Wyszkowski showcased her work in the Photographic Technology project, which allowed here to take phots on a specific theme and organize them into a book.