The Inception of the Castle

Shefali Kumar, Assistant Editor

Have you ever wondered where the kid who sits behind you in math class bought her Morris Hills long-sleeve? The next time you have lunch, make sure to visit the Castle – the official Morris Hills school store! The 2015-2016 school year is off to a great start, and as students and teachers are settling back into the swing of things, the Castle is becoming a strong part of the Morris Hills community.

The school store is one of the most anticipated projects that the Morris Hills SGA has completed to date. The plan to open a school store was devised two summers ago by the outgoing SGA president Rahul Naik. The school store was opened in February of the 2014-2015 school year. Several people worked together to bring this idea to fruition, including Mr. Mein, the SGA adviser, Mr. Toriello, the principal, and the Home and School Association.

When the idea of the school store was first presented to the SGA, there was a large discussion around the name of the store. From “Knight Shack” to “The Armory,” the SGA came up with several names before finally settling on “The Castle.” The SGA was involved in several steps in the commencement of the highly awaited school store last year, including the decisions of which merchandise to sell, the prices at which the merchandise would be sold at, and how often the school store would be open.  

“The long-term vision for the school store is to create a hub of student activity,” Mr. Mein said. “Not only will the school store hold more products for students to purchase school supplies and school merchandise, but also it will be a central focus point for students in the cafeteria and in the school.” The school store was created to be a place that can provide merchandise for students and create a welcoming space in the Morris Hills community.

Within the next year, Mr. Mein hopes to further promote the school store by adding new products, more shelving, and more storage space. The school store will also be a center in which students can buy tickets for school activities and events, instead of the conventional selling of tickets in the gym foyer.

Mr. Mein urges the student body to continue to give feedback about the school store and be active. The SGA is always willing to listen to any student’s input about the merchandise in the school store and any suggestions for improvement.

The Castle has received a remarkable reception, especially for its pilot year. The school store is a great way to promote school spirit at Morris Hills and is a great space for students to enjoy.

Make sure to stop by the School Store!