Make School Issues Your Issues

School isn’t perfect. It’s something that many of us have come to accept as a fact over time. We love to complain about issues we have with school activities and events, or even ignore them entirely. But what if you learned that you can actually have a say in what happens in the school? Many of the activities  at school, from dances to spirit weeks, are run with the help of students. Students like these help decide what happens at various events and even help set them up. These students are members of the SGA, and you too can join and start making a difference in the school.

Many students don’t realize just how many school events are run by the SGA. The main goal of the SGA is to plan school events and act as a liaison between the student body and school administration. Thus SGA runs most of the dances that occur over the course of the year, organizes pep rallies for each season, manages events such as Battle of the Classes and Mr. Morris Hills, maintains the school store, and more. The second part of the SGA’s goal seems more complicated, but it essentially means that SGA provides a way for students to interact with administration and bring up concerns. Any issues students have with the way events are run can be brought to the attention of administrators and often fixed through the SGA. Overall, the SGA holds a lot of power in the school, and its members are able to directly impact the way school events are run.

So how can you get involved? The various responsibilities of the SGA seem overwhelming, but becoming a member is as easy as signing up. A common misconception is that only elected officers can be SGA members, but the SGA welcome all students to participate and come to meetings as general members. Any student, member or not, who would like to share ideas about improving the school is welcome to come to a meeting and discuss them with other SGA members as well as with the adviser, Mr. Mein. Meetings are held about once every two to three weeks, mostly on Wednesdays, and attending them will allow your voice to be heard when it comes to things like the theme for the Homecoming Dance and what spirit days to hold. Aside from just coming to meetings, any SGA member is welcome to help run events like dances, assist with elections, count spirit day participants, help with the school store, and more. Just talk to any SGA member about when meetings are and what you can do!

SGA advisers Mr. Mein and Ms. Radzieski are always looking for new people who want to help the SGA make the school a better place. Mr. Mein said, “I’m always excited to see new members, not just officers, come to meetings and contribute their ideas. The SGA has grown a lot this year and I encourage every Morris Hills student to share thoughts or participate in activities to help the SGA make the school the best it can be.” So next time you have something to say about an event or want to participate in a school activity, think of getting involved in the SGA!