Shining Stars of Morris Hills

Two of Morris Hills’ very own have accomplished an amazing feat! Seniors Eduardo Delgado and Makenzie Schaefer have been cast in iTheatrics’ “Heathers 101 (High School Edition).” iTheatrics is a company that takes Broadway musicals and works with their creators to bring age appropriate versions to high school students all over the country.


Delgado and Schaefer heard about an open casting call for Heathers 101 via Instagram. Both already loved the play and could pass up the opportunity to audition. During the audition, they had to perform in front of the directors and other students and sing a song from a contemporary musical. Out of the hundreds of students who auditioned, only 29 were cast in the play. Delgado and Schaefer were among the chosen.  Delgado will play the role of “Preppy Stud” and Schaefer will play the role of “Heather Chandler.”


Rehearsals have already started and take place Saturdays from 9 a.m-5 p.m. in Manhattan. Both students say that the Saturday rehearsals make it easier to manage school work.


This is Delgado and Schaefer’s first time acting professionally in a New York City show. They hope that the experience will help them in the future. “I plan on majoring in musical theater… and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life like this!” Delgado said. “Hopefully the experience will prepare me for what is to come in my adult life,” said Schafer.


Heathers 101 will be performed on November 21st ONLY at the 52nd Street Project. Morris Hills wishes the students the best of luck on their way to stardom.  Get their autographs before they become too famous!