The 2016 Election: From A Republican’s Perspective

Yesari Mojica, Contributing Writer

No matter where you turn these days, you can’t seem to move away from everyone’s opinions on the 2016 Election and its Republican Candidates. From immigration to Donald Trump’s unfiltered comments, we’ve heard it all before and yet these controversial topics never fail to aggravate someone. Once the Republican Debates went viral on September 16th, it was as if everyone knew all there is to know about politics. From Twitter rants to arguments at school, it seemed to be the talk of the century. After the debates everyone seemed to develop their own opinions on what they believed was right. Although some took it to a level of immaturity, it was intriguing to listen their views on certain topics.


At Morris Hills, immigration is a topic of high interest. Senior Eudonis Forster said, “Certain parts of immigration are messed up, and we should feel free to live where we please, but it’s also wrong that we have to pay taxes for the people who aren’t legal citizens.” Eudonis’ opinion definitely stood out from some of the rest, who were quick to oppose illegal immigrants being able to stay here unless they are in the process of becoming a citizen. There’s been plenty of controversy over the topic of immigration and it’s certainly a topic the Republican candidates have been all over.  


Immigration may not have been as big of an issue without Republican candidate Donald Trump, who has been the focal point of the 2016 primary. Although there has been a lot of controversy over his views and actions, he has been taking the lead in the polls. Mr. Trump’s main concerns consist of social issues like immigration, taking out Obamacare, and taxes. Some say it is not his ideas but the manner in which he handles them that turns people away. Junior Morgan Cullen said, “I believe he has the right ideas, but they way he goes about them is wrong.” History and criminology teacher Mr Devine stated that “Donald Trump is a good and legitimate candidate; he’s definitely going to stay around for a while. He’s currently seeing success in what he’s doing by tapping into an attitude where people are fed up.” Devine continued, “He may not always have the right approach, but he’s saying things that people want; he’s not afraid to say what’s on their minds.” The real question is whether Donald Trump’s attitude take him further in the election or slowly drive people away. Recent polls have shown Donald Trump is no longer in the lead and Ben Carson is currently taking over, indicating the latter.  


Based on the Republican debates it’s clear there needs to be a change in our society, not only for the benefit of ourselves, but for future generations. The Republican Party began with 17 strong candidates and has now dropped to 15. Each of these candidates has various ideas on how to restore our nation’s wealth and how to establish structure; these ideas have really opened the public’s eye. Mr. Devine said, “Issues revolving around public safety, job security, and taxes” are most important. He also said that “right now a lot is happening in the Middle East and people are worried about the expansion of Russia and what will happen with that. All of this is causing people to be nervous, and when they are nervous, people tend to lean towards the Republican side.”