Changing Our World

The world of technology is expanding, and teens and adults alike are becoming more engrossed in technology. As new devices come out, they expand upon the features of old ones. Some of the latest Apple devices are no exception. The Apple TV and the latest Apple Watch hold many new and exciting features for consumers.

One of the new devices that Apple recently came out with is its TV. The Apple TV has many features that make it very user friendly. Its remote has a touch screen instead of individual buttons featured on most TV remotes from older models. The remote will feature Siri, Apple’s digital voice assistant on many of its devices, to make different features easily accessible through voice commands. Siri can also do more than just search for TV shows; it can bring up the weather, current sports scores, and settings. The TV will also have apps similar to those on Apple’s current devices. Much like with Apple’s current iPhone and iPod, the user has the option to customize the apps on the home screen of the TV. When the TV is not in use, it will display a screensaver featuring aerial HD videos of stunning locations around the world, instead of simply turning the screen off as other Apple devices do. Additionally, there is no cable or satellite subscription needed to watch TV. There is also the convenience of purchasing or renting movies directly on iTunes, subscribing to individual networks, and using apps such as Netflix and Hulu to stream movies and shows. This makes the user’s TV experience unique. The user can also play games and use apps on the TV through the remote just as they would on a normal touchscreen device, and third party controllers are compatible with the TV as well. The user can also listen to music purchased through iTunes and display photos and videos onto the device through iCloud. Apple’s exciting new TV will release sometime in November.

Another new device that Apple recently released is the Apple Watch. The goal of the new watch is to increase accessibility for consumers. The watch features a touch screen with many of the same apps as the iPhone and the iPod. In addition, iTunes and the App store can be used to purchase music and third party apps. When the wearer receives a notification, the watch will send them a gentle tap. It also features Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Siri works essentially the same as it does in other Apple devices, and will search for information through voice command. Additionally, the watch allows the user to receive messages, calls, and mail. The user can also send customized messages and emojis to quickly respond. The customer can also pick up where they left off on their watch directly on their iPhone. Furthermore the buyer can send customized sketches and taps to other watches. The watch also has a GPS and exercise monitor to track movements and exercise. There are many designs available, ranging from the sportwatch to the expensive gold display. Additional bands can also be purchased to change the look of the watch to the user’s preference.

Technology is shaping the modern world, with new innovations coming out regularly. This new technology sparks curiosity and makes life easier for everyone. It is also the source entertainment for many teens today, and with Apple’s new devices, technology has become even more interesting.