Halloween Homecoming: A Hit!

Homecoming is the perfect way to reconnect with friends, peers and teachers and celebrate the start of a brand new school year for the Scarlet Knights. On October 24th the football team took center stage as they defeated High Point in a 21-7 victory, of creating the perfect atmosphere for the year’s beginning.

“It always feels good to perform in a big game like Homecoming, so it was exciting when I scored,” commented Nick Walls, who plays fullback on the Morris Hills football team. Daymon Fleming, who scored two of the three touchdowns, added, “The crowd was great as it usually is; knowing that everyone came out for the homecoming game I didn’t want to disappoint so I did all I could to make everyone proud.”

The homecoming court took the field during halftime in order to honor twelve the twelve homecoming nominees and their escorts with Isabella Grella, Kellyann Gangaware, Shaye Clark, Anna Ciallella, Daniela Mesa, Cassandra Smith, Melanie Wedemeier, Cassarah Morales, Cassie Plaistowe, Lauren Sysyn, Carli Cohen, Mackenzie Schaefer, and Elise Sheplak all participating. The crowd grew quiet as the moment everyone had been waiting for all week had finally arrived. Kellyann Gangaware took the honors of being crowned Queen of this year’s Homecoming and Shaye Clark was named the Princess.

Later that night, Morris Hills hosted the annual homecoming dance at 7:00 in the cafeteria. While many expected the dance to be like previous years, it turned out to be the complete opposite. Mr. Mein states, “I’ve been running SGA for six years now and this year’s dance was the largest crowd yet.” This year’s Halloween themed homecoming dance, was certainly successful; the cafeteria was filled with over three hundred and fifty students. Mr. Mein said, “So many people attended we had to get more food and there weren’t even enough tickets to go around.”  Not only was the dance a success due to the amount of people that went, but it was also successful because everyone there had a great time. The DJ  played a variety of music which satisfied everyone’s taste.  

 According to an SGA class officer, the SGA was considering not having a dance this year because the past years’ dances haven’t been successful. They decided, however, to continue the tradition because they they thought it would be unfair to the students, particularly the seniors, to not have a Homecoming dance. The 2015 homecoming dance was an experience that was not only entertaining, but memorable for all who went.

This year’s homecoming game and dance were not only victories in the books, but victories for school spirit as well.