Hearthstone: King of Mobile Games

Saikrishna Gaddam, Contributing Writer

Blizzard’s year-old release, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, has seen significant growth in the last year. It’s one of the most popular games nowadays, as people can play it at lunch, on the bus, at home, or anytime they have time to kill and internet connection. People have loads of fun playing against their friends. With Hearthstone climbing the download charts, I have decided to give you guys the basic rundown on how to play this new and popular card game.

When most people start playing the game, they are not very good. Beginners typically use decks that are considered weak, but when they win, it makes their victories that much sweeter. In the game, there are two heroes selected from nine different classes, each with 30 health. The objective is to defeat the opponent hero to drop his health down to zero. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, there are also minions, spells and a hero power to consider. The hero power is an ability specific to each class that can be used once per turn. The minions each have their own special abilities and act as their own entity on the board. Finally, there are the spells, which are used to buffer your minions, remove the enemy minions (like turning them into a sheep or a frog), or just steal enemy minions. You are limited by what you can do each turn by the mana system. The game starts with each player only having one mana, and each player gains one mana crystal per turn. The more crystals you have, the stronger minions you can play and the more spells you can cast. The special abilities can range from helping out a minion to dealing damage to the enemy board, and the person with more minions alive usually ends up winning as they can dish out more damage.

There are also different modes of the game, one where you make your own deck and verse other players. The cards you can use are based on the card you have in your collection. To get more cards in your collection you open packs, and get five random cards. There are common cards that aren’t anything special. There are also rare cards, which have interesting effects. There are epic cards, which are powerful and help you secure the victory. Then, there are the legendary cards. These cards can change the game around to the point where you thought you were losing and then you end up destroying them. The Arena is a mode where they give you random cards to draft, and everything is based on random chance. The last game mode is the tavern brawl where every week Blizzard has wacky rules for the game. It can be something like you only get the same card over and over, to you can only use 3 mana minion cards, or neither of you gets minions and you only have random spells.

I could go on and on about why Hearthstone is such a fun game, but that would waste valuable Hearthstone play time. See you all in the inn.