New Season, Big Plans!

New coaches have taken the helm of the Morris Hills wrestling program. Head Coach Mr. Bollette and assistant wrestling Coach Mr. Sylvester are leading the Knights this season. Mr. Bollette, a history teacher, has many aspirations for the team. When asked what has been the biggest challenge thus far, he said, “having athletes understand our academic policy and our athletic policy.” Coach Bollette believes is it as important to be to remain balanced academically as it is athletically. Coach Bollette hopes to, “set [athletes] up for success and jobs in the future and hopefully getting into colleges that they might not have.” As for present aspirations, getting the team acclimated with the coaching style is high on the list. In addition, for the future of the program Coach Bollette hopes to, “eventually win a Group 3 Title.”


Coach Sylvester, also a history teacher, was a part of the Morris Knolls wrestling team’s coaching staff for two years. He decided to trade in his green and yellow Eagles apparel for the red and white of the Scarlet Knights. Mr. Sylvester’s biggest hope for the season is to, “build on fundamentals and establish a philosophy that breeds hard work and success.” As with many other coaches, Mr. Sylvester believes that it is important for his players to, “strive to work hard every day” in order to achieve success on and off the mat.


Coaches Bollette and Sylvester believe that aside from striving to work hard, it is important to set an example for the players. The players describe the coaching duo as “outgoing” and mention that they are “building a great bond with the team.” Both coaches, along with the other members of the coaching staff, have high hopes for the future of the Morris Hills wrestling program.