1961 Mystery Solved

This is a mystery straight out of Sherlock Holmes. It was an ordinary day at Morris Hills, with young knights passing through the halls of the castle, when suddenly, Mrs. Bohmer (our very own Sherlock Holmes) found a ring. Upon delivering the ring to the main office, Mrs. Russo, the secretary, brought out the entire lost-and-found jewelry box to put the ring away. Mrs. Bohmer exclaimed, “Lo and behold!” for she spied within the box a bag of class rings, all belonging to the Knights of yesteryear. Would these lost rings ever reunite with their owners? Thus the mystery began.

Upon searching through the small bag of rings, Mrs. Bohmer found a 1961 ring that had initials on inscribed on the inside. As Mrs. Bohmer recalls, “it just bothered me that the rings were in there and that no one had ever tried finding the owners.” Luckily, the initials in 1961 ring provided a vital clue to finding the owner. In the library, where all the copies of past yearbooks reside, Mrs. Bohmer expertly narrowed her choices down to the only person who could have owned the missing ring. After surfing the web, the rightful owner of the precious 1961 ring was found!


Gender: Male

Lives in: Newton, NJ

Role in mystery: Owner of missing 1961 school ring

Reaction: Surprised

Reason for losing item: Gave it to girlfriend 55 years ago.


As this case comes to a close, Sherlock Holmes might say that finding the owner of the lost ring was… “elementary, my dear Watson.”

But the adventure is not yet over! There are still many school rings in the Lost and Found box that have yet to be returned to their owners. Mrs. Malandrino has contacted the Daily Record and the Neighbor News to see if they will print articles about the rings. Mrs. Bohmer is looking for Morris Hills and Morris Knolls Alumni Facebook pages to try to find the owners as well. In addition, there is a site, www.classringfinder.com, that lists all missing school rings. If you search “Morris Hills,” you can see that Mrs. Bohmer has already submitted the missing rings on the website.

Whose ring will Mrs. Bohmer return next? Stay tuned for the next installment of this Sherlock Holmes mystery.