Oscar Dadfar, Contributing Writer

Recently the Board of Education approved a new club, the ChemClub, which was started by junior Oscar Dadfar. Oscar was inspired to create the club by the current Physics Club and because the idea of performing chemistry experiments seemed like it would be fun. In the future, the ChemClub plans to participate in competitions, including the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics and the National Chemistry Olympiad, and to offer its services at the annual Science Night. It also hopes to travel to local middle and elementary schools for chemistry demonstrations. One of the many advantages of joining ChemClub is that the members control the concepts and areas of chemistry that club will review, as compared to a class setting, where the content reviewed is dictated by a curriculum. In addition, joining ChemClub will benefit students seeking a college major in science greatly as members will be exposed to research opportunities, internships, and chemistry competitions that garner college recognition.