Students Have a HUNCH About Engineering

Liz Costanzo, Contributing Writer

As a high school student, a career might lay seem distant from the present, but there are many individuals who are already certain what vocation they will pursue. With determination and a willingness to pursue opportunities, these students will be set for success. There are certainly various programs available for students at Hills with specific career interests.

Many may not know about the engineering program offered at CCM to high school students interested in that field of study.  Andrea Espinosa, from Morris Hills, was lucky enough to be accepted into this program after finding out about it from her mother. Andrea explains, “I had a group meeting with one of the deans from CCM [and] I got the call a few months later letting me know I was accepted into the program.” The classes for this program are from 12:10 pm to 2:45 pm every day. Espinosa believes that “the professor is very helpful and makes sure we learn everything related to engineering that we need to [know] in order to become successful in the future fields.” CCM grants students 32 college credits after 2 completed years in EDAM, and if students wish to continue for another year, they can earn an Associate’s degree.

EDAM has now extended beyond the college realm of education, and has entered the actual field of engineering; the HUNCH program associated with NASA has partnered with students in this CCM program. “One of the technicians from CCM was at a conference where he met the program’s founder,” Espinosa explains. The two programs then partnered and the students are now given the ability to create hardware for the International Space Station. Through this great opportunity, the students can take this experience into their real field of study in the future.