The Benefits of Taking AP Exams

Well, it’s that time of year again — time for AP Exams! There are many AP (Advanced Placement) classes offered at Morris Hills , from AP Economics to AP Studio Art. AP Classes are designed so that the preparation for the exam is completed before May, and students enrolled in AP Classes are often encouraged to put forth their knowledge of the course and register in March for the AP exam that is administered in May.

Aside from testing your knowledge gained in class throughout the year, there are several benefits of taking AP Exams. For instance, scoring high (usually a 3 or above) on AP Tests can enable students to earn college credit or advanced placement in many colleges and universities in the United States and in over 60 countries. Gaining college credit or advanced placement through AP Scores can be rewarding, as it can save both time and money. If a student enters college having already earned credit, then the student can enjoy a more flexible course schedule, opening up opportunities for taking higher-level classes, pursuing a double major, or even studying abroad. To find out more information about a specific college and what credits it accepts, visit:

Moreover, there are certain incentives offered by Morris Hills to take AP Exams. The Rochkind-Wagner Foundation offers monetary rewards to various schools in New Jersey, up to $1400, for students who qualify for the AP Achievement Award in Math and Science.Additionally, scoring a 5 on either the AP Language and Composition or AP Literature exam this year would allow students to take the other English AP Exam for free the following year.Another benefit of taking AP Exams is the opportunity of receiving scholarships, recognitions, and awards. In fact, 31% of colleges and universities consider a student’s AP experience when making decision about which student will receive financial scholarships. Students can receive an AP Scholar Award if they average a 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams. AP Scholar Awards are granted on a regional, state, and national level, and there are several levels of honors and prizes that students can receive depending on their score and the number of exams they take. These awards are academic distinctions that students can cite on their applications and resumes.

And finally, signing up to take an AP Class means that you’re deeply interested in a certain course, and if you put in a lot of effort and work into the class, then taking the AP Exam would be a great way to show just how much you have learned in that class!  


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