From Guidance to Garden, Mrs. Hourihan Retires


After many years as a guidance counselor, Mrs. Yvonne Hourihan is retiring and leaving the Morris Hills Regional District. Originally a teacher of psychology and health at Morris Knolls, Mrs. Hourihan joined the Morris Hills Regional District in 1982. After a surge of popularity in the psychology classes, Mrs. Hourihan adopted a back-and-forth schedule between Morris Hills and Morris Knolls. In the late 80s, Mrs. Hourihan made the full switch to Morris Hills as a teacher of both psychology and social studies, followed by a few years as a student assistance counselor. Mrs. Hourihan had actually spent one year as both a student assistance counselor and a regular guidance counselor. In 1996, Mrs. Hourihan moved to the guidance department entirely, and since then, she has loved her experience there.

Mrs. Hourihan says she has enjoyed every facet of her career, including the ability to change careers within the district. Mrs. Hourihan loves the personable students and staff at Morris Hills, which has allowed her to be become extremely close to her peers. Mrs. Hourihan will definitely miss all her friends that she has made through her work, especially those with whom she has been able to work with in the guidance department for the past twenty years. According to Ms. Rivera, director of guidance, “ I’ve had the pleasure of working with her collaboratively as a counselor and in the last seven years as her supervisor.  It would be remiss not to say her wealth of knowledge about the history of guidance at Morris Hills will be missed.” Mrs. Hourihan said  she looks forward to coming to school every morning. She loves the amiable and friendly environment she experiences through her work with students, and enjoys being able to work and guide her students through various situations. Junior Kylie Chow said,“She’s really helped a lot with my integration into high school, scheduling, and many other tasks. Whenever I needed help, she always had time for me and was quick in responding back. I’m going to miss having someone as reliable as her next year.” Mrs. Hourihan’s impact on each and every one of her students is clear, and she has definitely left a lasting impact on the entire school as a whole.

When asked about her plans after retirement, Mrs. Hourihan, an avid gardener, said that she is looking forward to spending more time outside, walking her dog, gardening, and creating lasting memories with her husband. Mrs. Hourihan will be greatly missed.  Her advice to all us:  “Follow your passion and be open to learning about different things.”