Dark of the Moon takes MH Stage


Dark of the Moon, the Morris Hills fall play was performed on November 17-19.  And directed by Mr. Fahrer and Mrs. Lavin. The play is a story about an Appalachian town where John, a witch, played by senior Akash Bhide, wants to be turned human to be with Barbara, a human girl who he has fallen in love with. Barbara is played by senior Eleta Milovic. In order to stay human, John must ensure that Barbara remains faithful to him for a year. If Barabara fails to remain faithful, he will turn back into a witch, and Barbara will die. The play tracks the relationship between the two over the course of the year. The cast described the play as a darker telling of “Romeo and Juliet”. Junior Ryan Spada sees the play as, “an emotionally startling testament to the fragile yet risque beauty of modern period dramas and a heartbreaking tableaux of the human spirit’s desire to reach for the unknown and exotic, regardless of the consequences”.

Mrs. Lavin, who first directed this play at Morris Knolls in 1977,  said she was  “thrilled to be directing this with the MH cast” and “likes the juxtaposition of the world of conjuring with the Appalachian folk.”Dark of the Moon was performed in a black box theater. In a black box theater the audience sits directly on the stage. Sophomore Mary Lake, who works with the stage crew believes that, “The black box theater is unique and provides for a up close experience with the cast, one that you don’t see at most schools. It’s like the play comes alive”.